Cello Lessons

Cello Lessons

cello lessons
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Can you learn cello online? Is it too late to learn cello? How long will it take to learn cello? These are questions you may ask yourself when considering online cello lessons.

Can you learn the cello online? Absolutely! Our professional instructors are able to coach you on concepts ranging from bow handling to musicality, all while learning from the comfort of your own home.

Is is too late to learn cello? Never too late! We have worked with many adults that have never taken lessons before. Pursuing what is important to you as a musician is awesome, no matter when or how you decide to start!

How long does it take to learn cello? This will vary widely from person to person, and depends somewhat on your goals. To make sure you are making the fastest possible progress, our instructors will work with you on these elements:

1. Enjoy the music!

The most efficient way of learning is to enjoy what you are learning. During cello lessons, we will work with you to decide pieces that both suit your interests and are appropriate for your level. This could be classical works, cello renditions of pop songs, even cello parts to heavy metal songs (like this).

2. Creativity in Cello Lessons

For you, music is not only the notes on the score. Music is a tool to create the unique sound that is you and your message. Cultivating natural talent and encouraging you to explore your creative side are things we strive for.

3. Technique for Cello

When starting to learn any instrument, the most important thing is to know that you are learning with correct technique from early on. Without correct technique, you may be injured and able to get by in the beginning and sound relatively okay. However, in order to become a truly good and versatile musician in the long term, correct technique is very important. Here are some of the techniques you will learn:

Vibrato: rapidly shaking the string that is being held down. This is done on longer notes to add character.

Bow holding: to hold a cello bow, you’ll want to slightly turn your wrist to the left while keeping your hand and fingers relaxed.

Posture: Leaning slightly back, keeping your spine lengthened, and sitting in the right chair will help minimize problems with the back, arms, and hands in the long term.

Intonation: learning how to properly tune your cello, as well as learning ideal finger positions. This will give your cello’s sound a nice “ring” where notes will sound very pure and clear.

4. Theory in Cello Lessons

Music theory is an essential component for learning the fundamentals of music, and being able to truly excel at playing a musical instrument. Learning music theory sets you on the right path to understanding how music is written and how to interpret musical notes.

Interested in music theory lessons? You can read more here.

5.  Cello Musicality

Musicality is a set of “inner skills” which let you freely and confidently express yourself in music. This is putting your emotion and unique expression into the music on the page, bringing the music to life.

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