FAQ – Music Lessons

faq music lessons
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Our FAQ music lessons page, where we answer your most commonly asked questions about music lessons with us.

FAQ Music Lessons

30 minute instrument lesson is $35 and 60 minute instrument lesson is $55.

30 minute voice lesson is $50 and 60 minute voice lesson is $80.

Absolutely; thanks to how good programs like Zoom have gotten, we are able to teach as well online as we could in-person. Moreover, teachers can show finger patterns, share digital music files, and accompany students in real time. Our teachers also have good internet connections, good audio quality, and good teaching equipment – we made sure!

Further, visit our YouTube channel for examples of our instructor’s work and our instructor’s profiles.

There are many factors that affect how much you can improve at your instrument and how long it will take. Factors include how much you practice, frequency of sessions, age, previous experience, lifestyle habits and further health history.

On average, students will see rapid improvement for the first 6 months of lessons, if they are taking regular lessons and practicing daily. From there, progress settles into being more gradual. Disclaimer: results are NOT guaranteed; best results will come from taking notes during lessons, practicing daily, and putting instructor suggestions into practice as often as possible.

The Program:

Music lessons work much in the same way that training as an athlete works – through working with a teacher, you are learning new habits, skills, and exercises that will allow you to strengthen the right muscles and prevent fatigue or injury.

Over time, this leads to specializing the voice to sound a certain way or perform a certain skill the way you want – singing high notes with ease, playing elaborate solos on guitar, being able to play more advanced piano sonatas, etc.

Sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes long. They are a combination of technique exercises with working on pieces that the student and teacher choose together. The idea is to improve your technique while actively putting your new skills into practice in situations where you need it. Moreover, instructors design your lessons based on your needs and their observations.

We recommend sessions once a week; through years of experience, we have found that this is the best balance between having enough time to practice what you learned and meeting often enough that you’re constantly making your best progress.

Lastly, we recommend 60-minute lessons for adults and teens, 30-minute lessons for children.

  1. Go to the Book a Lesson tab.
  2. Secondly, fill out the Pre Registration form. The scheduling calendar will appear.
  3. Third, choose the instructor you’d like to work with.
  4. Fourth, choose a day/time that you’d like. Make sure to select your time zone.
  5. Pay for the lesson – you can pay with Stripe.
  6. Once you book, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link for your lesson.
  7. Install Zoom prior to your lesson (zoom.us or as an app).
  8. Click the Zoom link in your confirmation email when it’s time for your lesson.
  9. Lastly, enjoy your lesson!