FAQ – Trans Voice

faq trans voice
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Our FAQ trans voice page has answers to our most frequently asked questions about trans voice training. Not finding the answers you are looking for? You can also contact us here.

FAQ – Trans Voice


Standard lessons are $50 per half-hour and $80 per hour. We also offer group classes for $25 per hour. Moreover, sliding scale options are available for those who are experiencing financial difficulty. message us to apply.


There are many factors that affect how much your voice can change and how long it will take. Further, factors include how much you practice, frequency of sessions, age, starting pitch/quality of the voice, lifestyle habits and health history.

On average, clients seeking to change the voice as part of their transition will achieve significant results in 3-6 months, if they are taking regular lessons and practicing daily. Disclaimer: results are NOT guaranteed; best results will come from taking notes during lessons, practicing daily, and putting instructor suggestions into practice as often as possible in your daily speech.

The Process:

Voice training works much in the same way that training as an athlete works – through working with an instructor, you are learning new habits, skills, and exercises that will allow you to strengthen the right muscles and prevent straining your voice. Further and over time, this leads to specializing the voice to sound a certain way or perform a certain skill the way you want – sounding more feminine, making your voice deeper, singing high notes with ease, etc.

Sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes long. They are a combination of vocal exercises with reading and conversation examples. The idea is to improve your technique while actively putting your new skills into practice in situations where you need it. Instructors design your sessions based on your needs and their observations. We recommend sessions once a week; through years of experience, we have found that this is the best balance between having enough time to practice what you learned and meeting often enough that you’re constantly making your best progress.

We recommend 60-minute sessions whenever possible; for some students that experience fatigue or have difficulty focusing, 30-minute sessions may be better.


  1. Go to the Book a Lesson tab.
  2. Fill out the Pre Registration form. The scheduling calendar will then appear.
  3. Choose the instructor you’d like to work with.
  4. Choose a day/time that you’d like. Make sure to select your time zone.
  5. Pay for the lesson – you can pay with Stripe.
  6. Once you book, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link for your lesson.
  7. Install Zoom prior to your lesson (zoom.us or as an app).
  8. Click the Zoom link in your confirmation email when it’s time for your lesson.
  9. Lastly, experience your new voice get easier and easier!

Yes, we absolutely do! All types of lessons are online using Zoom. We also offer in-person lessons at our location in San Antonio TX.

We do not accept insurance at this time; however, we have had clients successfully use HSA/FSA accounts to pay for sessions, and or receive insurance company reimbursement for session fees. Clients can be provided with session reports if records are necessary to seek coverage/reimbursement.


Yes, we offer sliding scale discounts for our transgender clients seeking voice training. If you are seeking voice training as part of your transition but are struggling financially, please contact us to discuss discounts.

If one on one lessons with one of our excellent teachers isn’t on the table for whatever reason, supporting us on Patreon would give you access to video lessons and other useful resources while also helping us continue to provide this quality content.

Alternatively, our YouTube channel contains free short-form video lessons, and our TikTok is filling up with quick tip videos and Q&A sessions.

FAQ – Trans Voice