Online Audio Production Lessons

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Online Audio Production Lessons

online audio production lessons
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What goes into audio production? What concepts will I learn during online audio production lessons?

The truth is, there’s quite a bit that goes into producing quality audio tracks! This includes equipment, software, knowledge of instruments, and understanding audio concepts.

1) Audio formats    

  • digital vs. analog    
  • sample rates vs. bit rate    
  • human frequency domain (20hz-20Khz)
  • nyquist-shannon theorem
  • compression: lossy vs. lossless
  • conversion do’s & dont’s
professional online audio production lessons

2) Equalization in audio production lessons

  • treble, mid-range, bass, and sub-bass    
  • ear training
  • graphic vs. parametric
  • tuning a solo track vs. adding to a mix
  • ear fatigue

3) Compression & Limiting

  • ratio    
  • attack & decay    
  • knee    
  • multi-band compression    
  • side-chain compression
online audio production lessons

4) Microphones & Speakers for online audio production lessons

  • acoustic room treatment    
  • dead rooms vs. live rooms    
  • pickup patterns
  • proximity effect    
  • room tone & reverb

5) MIDI    

Musical Instrument Digital Interface. This is a program or device that connect a number of electronic musical instruments and computers together. During professional online audio production lessons, you will work on This will give you a way to edit, play, and or record music. This includes the following:

  • samplers    
  • step sequencers    
  • clips & piano rolls    
  • midi CC, touchOSC, DMX, ArtNet
  • midi clock sync
  • synthesizers

6) Production workflow

  • DAWs: Digital Audio Workstation. Software that allows you to work with multiple audio tracks and combine them together. Ex: Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Cubase, FL Studio 
  • Sample editors: Allows you to edit audio clips. Ex: Audacity
  • Restoration & spectral editors: Allows you to edit single frequencies of an audio sample, without having to change the entire sound. Ex: iZotope RX
  • DJ & live performance: learning how to use these tools to make or alter music in a live setting.
  • Frameworks to organize production workflow. Ex: Max/MSP, PureData, Bidule
  • Working with film/video/new media. This will allow you to combine your well-made audio tracks with other types of media to create a final product.

online audio production lessons