Trans Voice Teacher Consult

Trans voice teacher consult

Looking for a trans voice teacher consult? Want to learn how to teach trans voice students? Looking to improve your voice teacher skills?

Teaching transgender students comes with its own unique set of challenges. Whether it’s affirming the identity of your students, knowing correct terminology, or teaching unique vocal elements, it’s helpful to work with an experienced instructor.

During your consult, you will learn several of the elements that go into developing a more feminine voice or more masculine voice. You can read more about the elements of a feminine voice here, and the elements of a masculine voice here.

Alexandra can also help you develop a better curriculum. This can include a few things:

  1. The order of priority for the various vocal elements. Would we work on pitch first, or resonance? Why? These are the sorts of questions we hope to answer in building a curriculum.
  2. Additional exercises to try when working on a certain element isn’t working out.
  3. Signs that a certain sound quality or exercise may be unhealthy for the student’s voice, and how to correct them.
  4. Other disciplines that may be helpful to learn for your continued skill development as a voice teacher (e.g. Alexander Technique).

Whether you’re new to teaching voice or wanting to expand your skill set, Alexandra can take your teaching skills to the next level.

Book a trans voice teacher consult with Alexandra and improve your teaching skills today!