Voice Feminization Exercises

What are voice feminization exercises?

Voice feminization exercises are any number of exercises used to achieve a more feminine voice. We choose to use a range of both singing and speaking exercises to help you develop a more feminine voice. They are designed to strengthen the elements of feminine voice. These include:

Resonance in Voice Feminization Exercises

In this video, you can begin to explore the resonance of a feminine voice. Our instructor Christi will go over a couple exercises with word examples to help you find a resonance that is more in the face and head, and less in the chest:

Feminine Pitch for a Feminine Voice

When you’re feeling better about finding face and head resonance, you can then try working on pitch! Our instructor Tris goes over the typical feminine speaking range in this tutorial. Take note – pitch may not be as significant of an element as it may initially seem:

Posture for Voice Feminization

Some people find that posture and upper body tension limit their ability to increase their pitch at first. If that’s the case, you can try working on your posture with this video:

Learning by Feeling

In addition to using sound and visual queues, learning what feelings are created by a feminine voice can be very helpful. Feeling things like the resonance of the voice in the cheeks and what higher pitches feel like can give you a reliable way to determine if you’re practicing correctly. What you feel when you use your voice will also vary less than what you hear, which can be affected by a change in scenery, recording quality, and/or illness – feelings are very reliable. In this video, Anna goes over feeling smoothness in the voice, a very feminine quality to have:

Something Fun for Voice Feminization

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably feeling like you’re beginning to understand feminine voice exercises better. Looking for something more outside the box? Consider trying THIS tutorial!

Videos and tutorials can be a great way to start your voice feminization journey. That being said, there really is no substitute for lessons with a transgender voice coach. If you’re ready to book a lessons with a transgender voice coach, we’re happy to have you!

Voice feminization exercises