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Trans Voice Lessons

Free from judgement, in a safe and supportive environment— our teachers at Your Lessons Now will help you find the voice that is true to yourself. Whether that’s a feminine voice, masculine voice, or androgynous voice, for speaking or singing.

No matter what your vocal goals are, we’re here to help. We’re here to support the community as best as we’re able.

Trans Voice Training:


  • $50 for a 30-minute lesson
  • $80 for a 60-minute lesson
  • $25 for a 60-minute group lesson
  • Elite instructors are $60 for 30 minutes, $100 for an hour

Additional Resources:

If you’re interested in having experienced, dedicated assistance and instruction toward reaching your voice’s true expression of yourself, then our trans voice lessons are an excellent place to find it.

trans voice lessons

Music Lessons

At Your Lessons Now we provide one on one in-person and online instruction in a variety of musical fields. Our instructors are professional musicians with years of experience in their field.

If you’re also here for voice lessons, musical training can be a wonderful supplement for your goals and greatly accelerate your progress. We’re experienced educators who possess a variety of different skills and we have a wide variety of different programs available.

You’ll be able to find skilled, dedicated teachers for a variety of courses such as:




  • Voice: $50 for 30 minutes, $80 for an hour
  • Instrument: $35 for 30 minutes, $55 for an hour
  • Elite instructors are $60 for 30 minutes, $100 for an hour


If these subjects interest you, then by all means check out our music lessons, today!