Voice Acting Lessons

Voice Acting Lessons

voice acting lessons
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Are you considering voice acting lessons with a professional? Interested in a voice-over career? During voice over lessons, you should learn to develop maximum control, range, and healthy habits with your voice. Our instructors are experienced in working with voice over artists of many specialties – cartoons, audio book narration, voicemails for doctor offices and other businesses, and educational videos.

We are also listed on Voices.com as a preferred voice over coach. You can view our profile here.

During voice acting lessons, our instructors will work with you on the following elements:

voice over lessons

Releasing body tension to improve posture and breathing

Unnecessary body tension causes fatigue and strain in the voice, and prevent your voice from playing all the roles you’re capable of. You can expect to benefit from a better posture with increased projection, range, and voice health. We use Alexander Technique in our lessons – you can read more here.

Find and optimize your vocal range

Your vocal range includes the high and low extremes of the voice. However, this also includes the range that is most comfortable, and the different registers of your voice. This will help you and your instructor select jobs and characters that are best for your voice (AKA your niche).

Breath Support for Voice Acting Lessons

Breathing technique is very different for voice over lessons than day to day life, and can take a lot of work to develop. Voice over artists learn breathe so that their belly and ribs expand, instead of expanding into the belly and chest. This allows the upper body to stay relaxed, while allowing the diaphragm to control your air use.

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Diction in online voice acting lessons

The way you pronounce words and sounds may have to change when working on different roles. For example, “I can’t stop” may be sang as “ah can’t stahp” when shouting really high pitched during a comedy script, because an “ah” sound is easier to shout when higher in your range. Our instructors can help you learn how to modify how you pronounce things for times like these.

Career Coaching for Voice Acting

Voice over jobs are equal parts having a good technique and being able to market yourself. We can also help you with building a website, business cards, a logo, and knowing where to set up profiles where voice over jobs are often posted. Prefer to record and master your own demos? We offer Audio Production Lessons too!