Voice Acting Classes

Professional Voice Acting Classes

microphone for use in voice acting classes
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Are you considering voice acting classes with a professional? Interested in a voice-over career? During voice-over lessons, you should learn to develop maximum control, range, and healthy habits with your voice. Our instructors are experienced in working with voice-over artists of many specialties – cartoons, audio-book narration, voicemails for doctor offices and other businesses, and educational videos.

Crucial Components of a Voice Acting Class

To improve your vocal control, our instructors will coach you on the following elements:

1) Release body tension to improve posture and breathing

Unnecessary tension causes strain in the voice, and prevents your voice from reaching it’s full range. Our coaches use the Alexander Technique to release stress in your body. Better posture supports overall voice health.

2) Find your vocal range

voice acting classes
microphone used in voice acting classes

Your vocal range includes the high and low extremes of the voice. However, this also includes the range that is most comfortable, and the different registers of your voice. This will help you and your instructor select jobs and characters that are best for your voice (AKA your niche).

3) Learn Breath Support

The breathing techniques for voice-overs are very different from day-to-day life. Voice-over actors breathe into their belly and ribs, instead of expanding the chest. This type of breathing takes a lot of work to develop because the upper body stays relaxed, while the diaphragm controls air flow.

4)Optimize your diction for voice acting

The way you pronounce words and sounds changes for different roles. For example, in a comedy, “I can’t stop” could be sung as “ah can’t stahp.” If you’re shouting at a high pitch – as one does for a comedy script – an “ah” sound is easier to shout than the complex “aye” sound. Our trainers will teach you to modify your pronunciation for times like these.

5) Learn the Business of Voice Acting

setup example for a voice acting class

Voice over jobs are equal parts acting, technique, and marketing. Our professional voice actors will help you with business basics like building a website, getting business cards, and setting up online profiles on career sites.

Our teachers will cover all these tips and tricks (and more) in our voice over lessons!  Prefer to record and master your own demos? We offer Audio Production Lessons too!