Trans Voice Training

Trans Voice Training with Professional Guidance

In-person and online trans voice training!

We work with all trans people – MTF, FTM, non-binary, and others, we’ve got you covered. Trans voice training with a qualified vocal coach can give you an authentic and dependable voice for the real you, and do so every day. We can also provide transgender voice lessons to use your new sound for singing and voice-overs. Speaking with a voice free of gender dysphoria is a powerful thing, and we want you to have that power!

Free Your Voice

Trans voice training with a qualified vocal expert. What is your true sound? Free of gender dysphoria or social codes, this is the voice that is you. Your true sound is sustainable, easy, and without tension. That should be the goal of any transgender voice therapy, and it’s our goal for you!

Current Rates for Trans Voice Lessons

30 Minutes – $50

60 Minutes – $80

Group Classes – $25

Elite Classes, 30 Minutes – $60

Elite Classes, 60 Minutes – $100

Online via Zoom!

Sliding scale options available

trans voice training
transgender voice therapy for all kinds of folx!
Alexandra – teaching supervisor

Trans Voice Training Tailored to Your Needs

Apply your new skills to any voice you choose.

Our voice training methods involve a hybrid of disciplines, such as speech language pathology techniques, classical singing techniques to control the voice quality, Alexander Technique, and exercise science. All of these form our unique approach to trans voice lessons, because you deserve as many techniques as possible to make transgender voice therapy easy and fun.

Voice feminization training

For trans women and trans feminine people wanting to develop a more feminine voice, we are able to help with many concepts taught in transgender voice lessons, such as raising the voice box, developing a higher pitch range, and increasing the sing song quality typical in a female voice.

Masculine voice training

For trans men and trans masculine people that want to sound more masculine, transgender voice lessons are available too! We can teach the appropriate techniques for how to get a deeper voice, such as lowering the pitch, increasing chest resonance, and developing a sound with greater depth to it. Transgender voice therapy should be accessible for people of all gender identities, because gender dysphoria around your voice shouldn’t have to be a given!

Interested in learning more about trans voice lessons? You can learn more about the focuses of each type of voice training and more at the buttons below.

Voice Training for You

Whether your goals are big, small, or in between, we’re with you all the way. Form lasting bonds, while letting the true you be heard. Ready? We’re excited to get started on trans voice training, which is our greatest passion. Start trans voice lessons today, so we can share that excitement with you!

Voice training for trans people

Our Vocal Coaches are…

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Our advanced contact and booking platform ensures we’re always there for you, while you’re always able to easily reach us. Transitioning is all too often a lot of hard work, so our hope is to make trans voice training easy.

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Our teachers hold degrees and awards, yet also go through extensive training to assure they are trans friendly. In the past year we’ve earned some glowing reviews for trans voice training, which we are very proud of.

trans voice training

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Prefer a human touch? For scheduling and inquiries, our teachers and staff can help you every step of the way. Transgender voice therapy can feel like a daunting task, but we’re here to make that process as easy and comfortable as possible.

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Many of us have transitioned and been students of Your Lessons Now. Not only do we offer a strong transgender voice therapy program, but we’ve been through it too! We’re passionate about trans issues, while also dedicated to professionally serving the trans community.

Our students on Trans Voice Training