Trans Voice Group Lessons

Interested in learning in a group environment? Would you like support from people with the same goals as you? Looking for a more affordable option for learning? Trans voice group lessons may be the right option for you!

We provide a comfortable, open, and safe environment to learn and develop your voice— providing the resources needed to succeed and develop your voice.

trans voice group lessons
Transgender woman with arms folded and tattoo with friend, standing outdoors, smiling

How long does trans voice training take?

It depends on the person and their goals, but typically we see trans people achieve their desired vocal changes through trans voice group lessons in 5-8 months. Changes from one-on-one classes average 3-6 months. Changes for singing may take a bit longer, with a year being a more common time frame.

What goes into trans vocal coaching?

We use a fusion of techniques to help you get the most out of your training. In particular, we take influence from speech language pathologists such as Kathe Perez, classical singing technique, the Alexander Technique and exercise science. Our instructors will work with you on all of these styles and approaches.

trans voice group lesson
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Are trans voice group lessons or one-on-one classes better?

This depends on your goals and how you learn best. Group classes provide a supportive environment of people with similar goals. One-on-one classes provide direct attention from an instructor. Group classes will handle things in a more gradual pace. One-on-one classes will often move faster and cover techniques more rapidly.

Do I need trans voice group lessons? Can’t I just train my voice on YouTube?

These are questions we hear fairly often. The short answer is that everyone is different – some transgender people are able to train their voice on their own successfully, while others will need help from a vocal coach at some point in their transition. If you need lessons to reach your goals, that’s totally okay! In our experience, about 90 percent of people wanting to retrain their voice will need lessons to get there.

There’s also a matter of time – it’s not unusual for someone to take 2-3 years to retrain their voice on their own (if they are doing so in a healthy, effective way), while lessons offer both a much higher success rate and a path to the voice you want in less than a year for most people.

We believe that all healthy and effective paths to your goal voice are valid. Able to get where you want to go going solo? Wonderful! Need some help to get there? We’re happy to help. 😀