Online Guitar Lessons

Online guitar lessons

online guitar lessons
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Are you considering online guitar lessons with a professional? No matter who you work with, you should be set up to have an ideal technique. Our instructors are experienced in working with guitarists of all levels and genres, and many of the elements of a good guitar technique are are the same for all! Our instructors will work with you on the following elements:

1) Tablature in Online Guitar Lessons

A diagram for how to play notes and chords in a guitar piece. This is a sort of “cheat sheet” for playing a guitar piece where you don’t have to read sheet music, but focus only on what fingers to use and when during practice of a song. You will learn this first in online guitar lessons so that you can learn the guitar technique and speed up your ability to learn a new piece. You’ll then be able to learn new pieces from sheet music much faster.

2) Scales for Guitar Lessons

Scales are patterns of notes that go up or down in pitch progressively. Scales are the building blocks for leads, melodies and even Eddie Van Halen’s scorching guitar solos! Learning scales during online guitar lessons allows you to improve your finger strength, speed, and flexibility.

online guitar lessons

3) Chords

Chords are a set of notes played at the same time – usually 3 for guitar. Chords provide a “thicker” guitar sound that can accompany other instruments and or the voice. As a guitarist, you’ll learn strong accompanist skills during online guitar lessons.

4) Power Chords

Chords made of the root note and the fifth of a chord, and sometimes their octaves. The standard chord’s rebellious cousin, power chords are simple, raw and ready to rock and roll! They sound strong and crunchy, especially on electric guitar, and that’s why they are used in rock and metal so much.

5) Having Fun with Guitar Lessons

Guitar can be a frustrating and time-consuming instrument to learn. Because it takes so much work, you should work with an instructor that’s able to make learning guitar fun and has the patience that can get you there. Our instructors are able to teach a wide variety of guitar styles – it’s important to work on music you’ll enjoy.